Thursday, 10 August 2017

Titanic - 'Dinner Is Served' Hardback Book.

Titanic - 'Dinner Is Served' Hardback Book. 

RMS Titanic – ‘Dinner Is Served’ White Star Line Menu's From Titanic Recreated In This Stunning Hardback Book, Beautifully Illustrated And Presented.
Menus from the great liner revisited and updated by the great niece of Titanic’s first violinist John Law Hume.

Savour the elegance of the era as you browse page after page of exquisite cuisine, all beautifully illustrated in full color.

Contrast the dishes served in the First Class dining room with the more homely fare enjoyed by those travelling Second and Third Class.

Every dish includes full cooking and serving instructions together with the restaurant in which the dish was served and some presentation tips such as methods of napkin folding.

” This is one of the best recollections of that fateful night “.

This item is packaged securely and can be shipped worldwide from our offices close to Belfast Lough.

RMS Titanic dinner is served

  • ISBN-10: 1840334843
  • ISBN-13: 978-1840334845

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Titanic - RMS Titanic Cap Tally.

The Titanic - RMS Titanic Cap Tally.

The Titanic Cap Tally is long so as to wrap around the Crewman's Cap.
Normal length is 42 - 45 inches ( 105 - 112.5cms ).
Gold " RMS TITANIC " woven on black cloth making it stand out much better.
The tally in this image has been chopped so as to show off the " GOLD PRINT ".
Most suitable for a collector's item for the Titanic enthusiast.
This item will be packaged with great care and shipped securely worldwide direct from Belfast the birthplace of Titanic !. 
General Information on the Cap Tally.
The tally on a sailor's cap is a ribbon usually bearing the name of a ship or some other establishment to
which he belongs.

Practice varies with each navy, though a conventional tally is black, with a gold or yellow inscription. The
inscription may be simply a ship's name (e.g. "H.M.A.S. ARRERNTE"), the name of the navy
The manner a tally is fastened onto the cap varies with each navy. For example, the British tie it into a bow
on the left side; the Germans and Russians tie it at the back, leaving behind a pair of streamers; while the
French stitch it onto the cap like an ordinary cap band.

Occasionally the tally's colour may vary from the usual black (such as the Ribbon of Saint George tallies
used in the Soviet and Russian navies to denote Guards units).

RMS Titanic Cap Tally

RMS Titanic Cotton Waffle Tea Towel / Vintage Cloth

RMS Titanic Cotton Waffle Tea Towel / Vintage Cloth.

This beautiful bespoke white cotton waffle tea towel trimmed with green borders and shamrocks on one side and an image of the RMS Titanic Belfast. 
Size :  20.5 x 28 inch (51.25 x 70cm).
The RMS Titanic Waffle Tea Towel will be securely packaged for shipping worldwide.

RMS Titanic Cotton Waffle Tea Towel / Vintage Cloth

White Star Line Titanic Metal Sign - To New York From Southampton.

White Star Line Titanic Metal Sign - To New York From Southampton. 

White Star Line Titanic metal sign

45,000 Tons - The largest and safest steamer in the world.

Advertising James R Walker & Son.
Size : 40 x 30cm

A beautiful wall hanging and gift for the Titanic enthusiast

Well priced and will be packaged securely for worldwide shipping.
Also available in size : 20 x 15cm . 

The Titanic Ceramic Souvenir Plate 8 inch.

The Titanic Ceramic Souvenir Plate 8 inch. 

Quality product.
Full color photo of the Titanic .
The Titanic Souvenir Plate is presented in a beautiful gift box.
Each Titanic Plate 8 inch will be packaged well for worldwide shipping.

Titanic Plate

RMS Titanic 100th Anniversary Metal Cufflinks

RMS Titanic 100th Anniversary Metal Cufflinks

Titanic Cufflinks Set

The 100th Anniversaries of the RMS Titanic's Launch in 1911 and her tragic loss in 1912 is making world wide news.
Commemorations for both Anniversaries are already taking place in Belfast where the World's Most Famous Cruiseship, the titanic was built.
The cufflinks are stunning, very high quality, excellent finish and Remembering the 100th Anniversary of the RMS Titanic. Cufflink Sets match our very popular 100th Anniversary Pin Badge.
Cufflink Size : Dia. 18mm approx.
The Titanic image has been completed by our good friend Deepa Mann-kler, a well known irish artist who resides close to where Thomas Andrews was born.
Packaged in a cushioned card, the titanic ship, cufflinks are well presented in a black box with transparent lid.
These Titanic Cufflinks are only available from the RMSTitanic100 Websites & Stockists of Our Product Range.
We package our orders securely for Worldwide Shipping.

Arvel Bird's Titanic CD is Now Available

Arvel Bird's Titanic Centennial CD is Now Available

Arvel Bird’s 20th album is now available! Arvel is from Nashville, TN and is very passionate about his style of music.
This CD is a Real Souvenir of .......The Titanic.
"Titanic Centennial: Commemorative Special Edition" produced by Arvel Bird, is an hour long musical voyage dedicated to the enduring spirit of the passengers and crew of the RMS Titanic.This beautiful Collectorʼs Item includes a full color CD disk and digipak, with a 20 page insert booklet of fascinating stories and pictures for you to follow along as you listen to the music and learn facts you may have never before heard about Titanic. The disk, digipak and booklet are shrink-wrapped to maintain the pristine outer artwork.
Stories have been told by many of the survivors, and others by silent discovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. These original compositions and arrangements bring to life stories of Father Browne, Captain Smith, bandleader Wallace Hartley and others, in a powerful, cinematic sound-scape that will whisk you away to the North Atlantic on that cold dark night - April 15, 1912.

Arvel Bird Titanic Centennial CD

CLICK on the links below to listen to some of the Sample Tracks :
Farewell to Ireland
Fire & Coal
Father Browne
Be British
Adrift in the Dark
Over the Airwaves
White Star Lament
"My hope is that this CD will become a part of the collection of every enthusiast who is as fascinated as I am by the great ship called Titanic." - Arvel Bird

Packaged securely for worldwide shipping.